Master theses | ISAC

Master theses from the research group Injuries' Social Aetiology and Consequences (ISAC) at the Department of Global Public Health, in the last 10 years.

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Master in Public Health Sciences

  • 2015, Yingtong Ding, Demographic and geographic patterns of road traffic injury deaths in Jiangsu Province, China
  • 2013, Venus Hailemichael Hailesilassie, Mandatory course for private driver training and change in road traffic crash morbidity and mortality among young drivers. A before and after study in Sweden 1998-2009
  • 2010, Benjamin A. Kamala, Pattern and health outcomes of fall related child injuries in a low income setting: A cross sectional study in Dar es Salaam

Qualified Degree of Master students – Global health

  • 2015, Iona Crumley, Remote Expert Diagnosis in Trauma and Emergency Medicine. Understanding Perspectives from the Tele-Experts in a Resource Constrained Setting, with Regards to Acute Burn Care
  • 2014, Constance BoissinValidity of experts’ evaluation of burn injuries using pictures taken from a camera phone
  • 2013, Anders Klingberg, Pediatric burn injuries in urban and rural Western Cape
  • 2011, Sara D Eriksson, Paediatric trauma care of road traffic injuries in rural Kenya. A hospital based study in Nyanza provincial hospital, Kisumu
  • 2010, Lisa Blom, Epidemiology of fatal burn injuries in rural South Africa – A register-based study from the province of Mpumalanga
  • 2007, Naana Frempong (Erasmus student), A description of childhood injuries on the African context

Theses medical students

  • 2015, Emil Kronbald-Karlsson, Guideline compliance of burn referrals of children below the age of 5 in a low/middle income setting. A study in the Western Cape Province, South Africa
  • 2015, Tim Stenberg, Compliance with referral guidelines and referral pattern of burns in a pediatric trauma unit in the Western Cape, South Africa
  • 2013, Henrik Hallén, The socio-demographic distribution of burn injuries of different severity levels in resource poor settings. A hospital-based study in the Western Cape Province, South Africa
  • 2013, Rimy Mosa, Immunosuppressive comorbidities and short-term recovery of patients with burn injury in resource poor settings. A hospital-based register study in the Western Cape Region, South Africa
  • 2013, Sazia Rahman, mobileHealth in emergency care; Acceptance and attitudes of South African physicians and nurses regarding mHealth in burn injury care
  • 2013, Pontus Olsson, Clinical and demographic characteristics of patients with burn injuries and the treatment given during transportation by ambulance in Cape Town, South Africa
  • 2012, Bahira ShahimInjuries among children in Oman