International collaborations | ISAC

Current international collaborations within the research group Injuries' Social Aetiology and Consequences (ISAC).



  • Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Emergency Medicine Department, Muhimbili University, Tanzania
  • School of Medicine Department, Muhimbili University, Tanzania
  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Faculty of Medicine, Maputo, Mozambique

Other partners

  • Egendale Hospital, South Africa
  • Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, South Africa
  • The Medical Research Council of South Africa (MRC), South Africa
  • Tygerberg Hospital, South Africa



  • Helsinki University, Finland
  • University College London, Institute of Global Health, UK

Other partners

  • National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
  • The Swedish Transport Agency, Sweden
  • The Spinalis Foundation, Sweden

North America


  • John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
  • Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine, St. Louis, USA


  • Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB),
  • Diabetic Association of Bangladesh