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Doctoral theses | ISAC

Doctoral theses from the ISAC research group, at the Department of Global Public Health.

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Anders Klingberg - Mobile teleconsultations in acute burn care : acceptance and user-experience among emergency care providers in resource-poor settings


Lisa Blom - mHealth for image-based diagnostics of acute burns in resource-poor settings : studies on the role of experts and the accuracy of their assessments


Helle Mölsted Alvesson - Vulnerability In Illness: Household Healthcare-Seeking Processes During Maternal And Child Illness In Rural Lao PDR


Christian Hanna: Going unlicensed: related behaviors and car crash experience among young drivers

Mathilde Sengoelge - Child injury in Europe: Scope, circumstances and association with country-level housing conditions and economic disparities


Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli - Road traffic injuries in the context of rapid motorization- Studies on access, provision and utilization of trauma care in Iran

Klara Johansson - Adolescents’ encounter with public space. Safety and mobility in relation to individual and contextual factors in Sweden


Fourouzan Rezapur Shahkolai - Injury control and safety promotion in rural communities. Contribution of community health workers and an injury data registry system in Iran

Behrooz Hamzeh - Intimate partner violence against women : Foundation for prevention and for an educational programme for new couples in an Iranian city

David L Lawrence - The information-seeking behaviors of professionals and information sources in the field of injury prevention and safety promotion