Function B: Designing procedures and projects involving research animals

A compulsory course in laboratory animal science for those who are responsible for project licence applications and are planning and designing experiments in research projects using laboratory animals.

Surgery or anaesthesia

If your procedures require surgery or anaesthesia, please see Education in laboratory animal science.

Function B courses in the EU

If you need to take the course elsewhere or at another time, please see this list of courses within the EU.

About the course

EU modules 1-2 and 9-11.

This course is mandatory for those who are responsible for project license applications, and are planning and designing animal experiments. The course  follows the specific learning outcomes for Function B modules in accordance with the  Swedish regulations L150 (SJVFS 2019:9), and the EC Education and Training Framework.

The course program has been arranged in accordance with the Nordic Consortium for LAS Education and Training (NCLASET), and the EU guidelines for the education and training of persons designing procedures and projects using animals (i.e. Function B).

LAS CPD credits: 3 credits

In this course, five major areas will be covered:

  • Regulations affecting the use of laboratory animals
  • Ethics, animal welfare and the 3R´s
  • Procedures on animals (focus on rodents, but other species will be covered as well)
  • Experimental design of animal studies
  • Good scientific practice in animal research

Please note: Although general principles of this course apply to a wide range of species, the focus is on rodents (mice/rats).

Apply for the course

Register here

We admit no more than 24 students per course. Priority will be given to postdocs and senior researchers over doctoral students. Admissions will be handled on first come, first served basis. Only fully and properly completed applications will be considered.

Prerequisites for admission

To apply for the Function B course you need:

a) Bachelor or Candidate degree of at least 180 credits in biomedicine, biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, medicine or the equivalent;

b) Function A level competence or equivalent, e.g. Laboratory Animal Science for Researchers, or FELASA Category B;

c) Documented experience of performing animal experiments. 


Final examination consist of a written examination and assessment of group work. Grading scores are pass or fail.

Admission fee

Free of charge for doctoral students and postdocs registered at Karolinska Institutet. For other KI participants the cost is 8900 SEK (including INDI), and for external participants it is 11500 SEK (excluding VAT).  Company employees please contact

Registration conditions

Participants: 20

The course requires a minimum of 10 participants to be organized. In the event of a course being cancelled, the LAS E&T Unit will contact you as soon as possible and participants will receive a full refund of the course fee.

Cancellation policy

We require a formal cancellation notification. No-shows or late cancellations (within two weeks prior to the first course day) will be charged a fee of 4000 SEK. To cancel your attendance, e-mail the LAS Education&Training Unit at

Course evaluation

The outline of the Function B Course has changed and follows, in general, the requirements set by the Nordic Consortium for LAS Education and Training. It is the first time the course is given in the new format, the evaluations for the earlier courses are based on the the previous format.

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