Education in laboratory animal science

Education in laboratory animal science is compulsory for those who intend to work and conduct research with laboratory animals at Karolinska institutet.

Mice at Comparative medicine, KI. Photo: KI.

Comparative Medicine offers courses in laboratory animal science to students, doctoral students, researchers, and animal technicians at Karolinska Institutet and from other scientific institutions.

Our vision is to provide the best possible training in laboratory animal science in Sweden. We are continuously looking to develop our existing course portfolio in addition to creating new courses in the area of laboratory animal science.

Educational requirements

Everyone must be adequately educated, trained and competent before working with animals at Karolinska Institutet. The requisite competence must be obtained, maintained and demonstrated (upon request). Educational requirements for animal experimentation

Education Comparative medicine. Photo: Illustration.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Calendar seminars and workshops (CDP)

Hands-on workshops

Refinement of minor procedures on mice or rats

Courses 2021

Ongoing courses throughout the year

Carry out procedures on laboratory animals (Function A, including C and D)

This web-based course includes education for EU modules 1-7 (theory) and EU modules 3.2, 6.2 and 8 (practical skills for minor procedures). Compulsory courses for all persons working with laboratory animals and who do not have previous formal education in laboratory animal science. Species-specific. Minor procedures included.

Swedish law and ethics on the protection of laboratory animals

EU modules 1-2. Theory only / with practical training. Required for participation in all other courses in laboratory animal science, and is mandatory for all persons from countries other than Sweden, or when recommended by the Education & Training Unit.

August-september 2021

Function B – to design procedures and projects involving research animals

EU modules 1-2, 9-11. Emphasis on rodents. Pre-requisite: Function A course. Both major and minor procedures are offered, but for major you can go directly to Procedures requiring surgery and anaesthesia.

October 2021

Anaesthesia, analgesia and surgery in mice and rats

EU modules 20-22. The main goal of this course is to provide education and training in anaesthesia and analgesia in laboratory mice and rats.

November 2021

Assessing and alleviation of pain and distress in laboratory animals

The course provides a broad understanding of the physiology of pain and distress, concepts of consciousness in animals, and means of assessing pain and distress in animals.

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses in animal research

Systematic reviews are routinely used for scientific purposes in clinical studies, and are also currently rapidly gaining more attention in the field of animal research. 


Animal research: Critical, challenging & creative thinking

No courses scheduled.

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Learning lab for rent

The Learning Lab at Comparative Medicine is available for rent for lectures, practical training and research with laboratory animals.

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