Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study STIAS

Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study STIAS in South Africa is an independent but with Stellenbosch University closely allied research institute at which eminent scientists are invited to stay as fellows.

The Institute is funded by the Wallenberg foundations. Around 75 fellows stay with STIAS each year, with average residency periods of two‑and-a-half months, ranging between one and ten months. A fellowship covers the cost of travel, accommodation, stipends, administration and overheads.

For more information about STIAS and how to apply for the STIAS Programme please see their website.

Research fellows from KI include:


Patrik Ernfors

Phone:+46-(0)8-524 876 59

Organizational unit:Patrik Ernfors group


Senior lecturer

Marie Hasselberg

Phone:+46-(0)8-524 833 74

Organizational unit:Global health



Lucie Laflamme

Phone:+46-(0)8-524 833 62

Organizational unit:Global health


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Emma Hägg