Postdoctoral and research collaborations

Karolinska Institutet is one of the leading universities within the field of medical science. In a globalised world, top research requires international collaboration. KI strives to enhance its international environment and our researchers collaborates with top universities and institutions all over world.

Most of the postdoctoral activities take place between researchers and are not centrally regulated. There are a few exceptions, where collaborative agreements are initiated and supported centrally. All postdoctoral positions are located at KI:s departments. The majority of the collaborations are reciprocal, but there are exceptions where it is a one way agreement.

Post doc collaborations


Researchers at Karolinska Institutet collaborate and publish with researchers from all over the world and from all research fields relevant to KI. These collaborations are not regulated centrally, but are coordinated by the KI departments. There are some institutions and universities with which there is particularly close collaboration and that have resulted in a substantial amount of co-published articles.



Mia Bjerke

International coordinator

Monika Berge-Thelander

International coordinator