Partnership Agreements

Karolinska Institutet collaborates with a number of higher education institutions and organisations around the world. Most activities, collaborations and agreements are coordinated by the departments, with the exception of student mobility agreements and joint, double or multiple degree agreements. There are a few selected agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) that are signed by the Vice-Chancellor.

All Agreements

KI has signed a number of agreements, memorandums of understanding (MoU) and agreements within research, postdoctoral education, doctoral education as well as bachelor's and master's education research all over the world. Find out in which countries and with which partners in the map below

Postdoctoral and Research 

The majority of the postdoctoral activities take place between researchers. There are a few exceptions where collaborative agreements are initiated and supported by the Board of Research. 

Doctoral Education

The majority of the doctoral collaborations are organised by the departments, but there are a few exceptions, where collaborative agreements are initiated by the Board of Doctoral Education. 

Bachelor's and Master's Education

At KI there are many opportunities to participate in different kinds of exchange or study abroad experiences: 

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