KI collaboration with National Dental Centre of Singapore

Since serveral years oral health is an active field of collaboration between KI and different institutions in Singapore.

About 20 years ago the Department of Dental Medicine at KI initiated a collaboration with National University of Singapore. Since then the collaboration has expanded to include a collaboration with National Dental Centre Singapore, a clinical speciality centre that also conducts research and training. Collaborative links within oral health have also been established with Nanyang Technological University.


There are several collaborative activities with National Dental Centre of Singapore (some of the activities listed below also involve other institutions in Singapore) such as: 

  • Research conferences
  • Teacher exchanges within Dentistry
  • Seed funding for collaborative projects
  • Joint PhD students
  • Research projects

In June 7-8, 2022 a joint the "International Oral Health Symposium 2022: Innovation, Strategy, and Future Perspectives" will be held online. Find more information on the conference website.