The Nordic ALS Research Newsletter

The Nordic ALS Research was created in June 2021 to answer the lack of commun and centralized communication on ALS research in the Nordic countries.

The first edition of the newsletter was focused and destined on ALS Research in Sweden, but was immediately extended to the Nordics to strengthen our efforts in building a strong ALS Nordic research community and alliance.

Who is the newsletter for?

The newsletter is destined to healthcare workers and researchers from the Nordic ALS community, who  are involved in ALS research or who want to keep up with the research being done, to then better inform their patients.

How often does the newsletter come out?

The newsletter comes out in June, October and February of each year.

What are the goals of the newsletter?

  1. Target the healthcare and research Nordic ALS community
  2. Provide updates on the ALS research landscape in the Nordics
  3. Improve communication between ALS teams in the Nordics, both clinic teams and research teams
  4. Help promote ALS clinical trials in the Nordics as we have a very low number of ALS trials and sites compared to other European countries
  5. Involve different actors of the community to get them to share about their research
  6. Identify the ressources and the contact points at different sites

Is the newsletter only focused on clinical trials?

The newsletter relays information on fundamental ALS research, pre-clinical, clinical, epidemiological research.
Because our team has a strong focus on ALS clinical trials we relay clinical trial updates in the newsletter, but it is not limited to this subject.

How can my research appear in the newsletter?

The newsletter is community based and centered, meaning you (as an ALS researcher or healthcare worker) have a part to play in it’s content. If you would like to suggest topics and research for the next newsletter, please reach out directly to Juliette Foucher

How can I receive the newsletter?

Please reach out to Juliette Foucher and you will be added to our mailing list. You may unsubsribe at any time. The newsletter is sent to you as a PDF.


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