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​​​​​​​The aim of the research environment REMAIN is to gain knowledge on strategies to improve the social integration of refugee minors/youth with mental ill-health. Both ethiologic, prognostic, intervention and treatment studies are included.

REMAIN is structured in three work packages (WP) which deal with: the effect of parental trauma in refugees on their children’s mental and social situation (WP1); the future health and social development in refugee minors with mental ill-health (WP2) and a novel intervention and pharmacological treatment of mental ill-health in refugee minors (WP3).

More specifically, in work package 1 we will study how mental ill-health in parents who are refugees influence their children’s mental health and school performance. We are also interested in how parental socio-economic status, child’s own refugee status, parental social integration and the area of living affect these associations.

In work package 2 we are interested in identifying different patterns of specific common mental disorders among refugee minors and whether these patterns predict poor social integration and adverse mental health development. We will also study e.g. the role of comorbidity, health care use patterns, length of stay in the host country and educational attainment etc. in these associations. These patterns will be compared between refugee minors/youth resettling in Sweden and in Denmark.

In work-package 3 we will study novel intervention solutions (such as the Problem management plus (PM+) and whether they improve mental health and social integration in refugee minors. We are also interested in studying whether antidepressant treatment differ between refugee minors/youth with common mental disorders compared to native youth in Sweden with the same disorders and to compare the effectiveness of different types of antidepressants.

We will use large register data to perform the different studies and will also do cross-national comparisons. Through this integrated approach and methodological innovations, REMAIN will contribute with crucial knowledge to guide the translation of successful policies and practices to improve social integration and mental health in refugee minors.

REMAIN started in 2019.


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