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Our research

​​​​​​​The aim of the research environment REMAIN is to gain knowledge on strategies to improve the social integration of refugee minors/youth with mental ill-health. Both ethiologic, prognostic, intervention and treatment studies are included.

REMAIN is structured in three work packages (WP) which deal with: the effect of parental trauma in refugees on their children’s mental and social situation (WP1); the future health and social development in refugee minors with mental ill-health (WP2) and a novel intervention and pharmacological treatment of mental ill-health in refugee minors (WP3).

Different register studies and an intervention based on psychological support, both types of studies with cross-national comparisons, will be performed. Through this integrated approach and methodological innovations, REMAIN will contribute with crucial knowledge to guide the translation of successful policies and practices to improve social integration and mental health in refugee minors. REMAIN started in 2019.