How to refer your patient for an ALS clinical trial?

A simple guide through patient referral.

1. The four info needed for a patient referral

  • Patient willing to travel to the study site
  • Confirmed ALS diagnosis
  • Date of symptom onset
  • Most recent FVC/SVC %

2. Referral

You (the physician, nurse...) refer the ALS patient to an ALS Team running a clinical trial. The Team reviews the patients eligibillity and informs you (the physician, nurse...) of the next step. 

Instruction how to refer a patient: a nurse/doctor refers the patient to the ALS team. The team reviews the eligibillity and informs the nurse/doctor
How to refer a patient. Photo: N/A

3. Screening

Your patient goes to a screening visit for an ALS trial. 

  • Screening succeeds: patients that are eligible for the clinical trial will continue their clinical care/clinical follow-up with you and your team, and will be followed by our team for the trial they participate in.

  • Screening fails: your patient is not eligible for this trial. He/she can be re-screened (if allowed by the protocol) and he/she can be considered for another study. 
successful screening-  patient eligible for the studie. followed up by you and the Team. Screening failed- new screening if ok by protocol and maybe aligible for another study.
screening Photo: N/A

You and us working together!

4. Where should I send my referral?

You can send an anonymized copy of the patient’s medical chart to our team via e-mail, using all three e-mail addresses below :




By sending your referral to Caroline, Karolina and Juliette, you make sure that both the head of the unit, our main research nurse and our trial coordinator are aware of your request.

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