Dissertation, degree & theses

Checklist before public defence:

• At least 2 published/accepted papers
• 1 opponent and 3 examiners required
• At least 30 credits and approx. 800% activity registered in Ladok
• Obligatory courses and activities completed


• The Dissertation committee accepts only digital applications - apply 3 months before public defence.
• You need to e-mail your application to disputation@ki.se
• Digital signatures are allowed from supervisor / Study Director / Head of Department

Time to defend your thesis
Deadlines and important dates - the Dissertation Committee
Laying out and printing a thesis
Degree certificate and Diploma Supplement
Book lecture/meeting room for your public defence in TimeEdit

Application signatures

A public defence application needs to be signed by the:

1. PhD student

2. Main supervisor - digital signature is allowed.

3. Director of Doctoral education. Contact her at least 2 weeks before the application deadline -after your supervisors have signed the application. Digital signature is allowed. She will also contact the Head of Department to get his signature.

Plagiarism check - link



Public defence should be advertised approximately 1 month before the dissertation.

Contact Sara von Kauffmann webb@cns.ki.se and inform her about the following:

  • Day, time and place
  • Dissertation thesis title
  • Language - English or Swedish (Swedish is allowed if the opponent and all members of the Dissertation Committee speak Swedish)
  • Main supervisor - name, title, university and institute
  • Co-supervisor(s) - name, title, university and institute
  • Opponent - name, title, university and institute
  • The Dissertation Committee members - name, title, university and institute
  • The Zoom link – if the thesis defence is hybrid with online audience. More information

Opponent: Apply for SINK

Does the opponent have a Swedish social security number or coordination number (samordningsnummer)?

If not - you need to apply for SINK (special income tax for non-residents; särskild inkomstskatt för utlandsbosatta) at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

You can do it via the link below:

Note that you need to choose the right income year.

Send the application and a copy of the passport to:
205 30 Malmö - doublecheck the address before sending at the link above

Once you have received the SINK decision, the opponent's fee (15 000 SEK) can be paid.

Then send the following documents to CNS HR Unit: Tomtebodavägen 18A, floor 5
- SINK decision
- Signed Renumeration form for temporary appointment (ersättning till tillfälligt anställda) in original - Forms and templates
- Register an account in Swedbank with the recipient's signature
- If the opponent has a swedish identity number he/she needs to register his/her bank account on Swedbank´s website
- Expense form (utläggsblankett) incl. receipts from taxi, SL trip, if any
- ​Copy of Decision of the examination board from Public defence, where it appears that the person was an opponent


Alexandre Beckman

Doctoral Education Administrator

Sara von Kauffmann

Contact for advertisement.

Elin Johansson

HR Supervisor. E-mail: HR@cns.ki.se

Ingrid Skelton Kockum

Director of Doctoral Education (CNS)

Mats J Olsson

Head of Department
Ann Hagerborn