Clinical trials

Status of our clinical trials.

Table showing the status of the clinical trials
Name of the trial Name of the sponsor Status of the trial Phase NCT Number/EudraCT Number
REFALS Orion Closed 3 NCT03505021
ALXN1210-ALS-308 Alexion pharmaceuticals Closed 3 NCT04248465
RT001 Retrotope Closed 2 NCT04762589
CY5031 Cytokinetics Closed 3 NCT04944784
CBLZ945C12201 Novartis Open 2 NCT04066244
MAGNET TRICALS Open 3 EudraCT 2020-000579-19
AP101-02 ALS-Pharma Open 2 NCT05039099
PHOENIX Amylyx pharmaceuticals Open 3 NCT05021536
ADORE Ferrer Open 3 NCT05178810
HIMALAYA Sanofi Open 2 NCT05237284
Lighthouse-II Macquarie University Open 3 NCT05193994

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Caroline Ingre, Karolina Palmbäck and Juliette Foucher. Photo: Ulf Sirborn
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