Information for PhD students admitted after January 2018

◄ 5. Activity report

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The individual study plan and the student's progress within their Doctoral education programme must be followed-up in writing once a year at the request of the Director of Doctoral education.

How to report?

Send Form 4 in original to: Kseniya Hartvigsson, Tomtebodavägen 18A plan 5
Report each year January 31st at the latest.

Page 1. Remember to fill out the date for halftime/planned dissertation:

Page 5. Please tick the box if you have had this conversation:

The report shall be signed by the doctoral student and supervisor, and shall contain the following information:

  • progress towards achievement of individual learning outcomes
  • completed elements in accordance with the plan
  • an update on the research project or credit-generating elements that are planned
  • an update of the planned timetable or funding plan
  • other parts of the current individual study plan that are to be revised.

This is a form that is mandatory for all doctoral students to complete annually according to the central KI-administration - unless:

  • You have been admitted to research studies during this term, need not.
  • You have already given in your application for dissertation, need not.

Send an email to the Doctoral Administrator with the date of planned dissertation - no forms need to be filled in.

The Director of Doctoral education will review the report and decide on any potential minor changes to the individual study plan. A completed annual follow-up shall be registered in Ladok.

Why? Swedish law states that the ISP project and development plan must be assessed and updated each year.

Deadlines for subbmission



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