Deadlines for reporting:

May 31st - for Spring term (1/1-30/6)

November 30th - for Autumn term (1/7-31/12)

How to report?

The Doctoral Education Administrator will e-mail you the form 'Activity and means of support' each term.

Fill in the form and e-mail it back before the deadline.

This is an obligatory reporting for all doctoral students at KI

  • Recently registered doctoral students: fill in the form covering activity from the registration date until the end of the term.
  • Doctoral students who have made the dissertation: fill in the form up to the date of examination.

Study activity and employment situation need to be registered in Ladok twice a year irrespective of your study activity (full- or part-time study) in order for doctoral students to defend their thesis.

KI provides funding to its departments depending on the number of officially reported PhD students. If you don’t report yourself as an active doctoral student, our department will not receive KI funding.

Your report is also needed for information to SCB, studiemedelsnämnden, HSV and other authorities who want the report twice a year.

Doctoral education follow-up

Doctoral education can be conducted as:

  • Full-time: 4 years, see the picture below
  • Part-time: minimum 50% (up to 8 years)

Activity reports and annual follow-ups (ISP updates) should be submitted every year irrespective of your study activity.

PhD 4 years
Photo: Kseniya Hartvigsson

Alexandre Beckman

Educational administrator