Researchers at the Division of Transplantation Surgery

Bo Göran Ericzon

Professor, Senior physician, Head of Division, Division of Transplantation Surgery

Teaching areas

Organtransplantation. Liver cell transplantation.

Research areas

Liver transplantation. Ischemia-reperfusion studies with microdialysis technique. Domino liver transplantation and liver transplantation of familiar amyloidotic polyneuropathy (FAP). Combined liver- and stemcell transplantation of liver cancer. Liver cell transplantation.

Erik Berglund

M.D, Ph.D, Associate Professor

Teaching area

Current areas: Transplantation Immunology. Transplantation surgery. Biochemistry. Histology.

Previous areas: Physiology. Endocrinology. Anatomy. Basic research in cancer.

Research area

Current areas: Transplantation tolerance, novel immunosuppression treatments in allo- and xenotransplantation, organ machine perfusion, ischemia-reperfusion injury.

Previous areas: Parathyroid pathology. Basic research in diabetes.

Anna Domogatskaya

Pancreas islet 3D imagine

Ewa Ellis

Isolation of Hepatocytes

Carl Jorns

Researcher, assistant chief physician

Teaching area

Organ donation,donation after circulatory death, liver transplantation, cell transplantation, transplantation surgery, chirurgia minor, medical student mentoring.

Research area

Carl Jorns’ research involves translational research in organ donation and transplantation as well as regenerative medicine. Current research projects include neonatal organ donation, experimental and clinical hepatocyte transplantation.

Makiko Kumagai-Braesch

Senior researcher, M.D, Ph.D

Teaching area

Immunology, immunosuppressive drugs, preclinical methods for pancreatic islet isolation characterization

Research area

Tolerance induction by cell therapy in liver transplantation, preclinical research for pancreatic islet isolation and transplantation.

Torbjörn Lundgren

Pancreas islet and organtransplantation

Greg Nowak

Machine perfusion of liver graft

Lars Wennberg

Associate professor, senior physician

Teaching area

Transplantation surgery orientation kidney transplantation. Pancreas transplantation and heart transplantation

Research area

Kidney transplantation, transplantation immunology, ABO-incompatibility, organ preservation, ischemia-reperfusion, immunosuppression, immunological tolerance, transplantation immunized patients, kidney exchange programs, pediatric transplantation, heart transplantation, patient compliance, renal medicine, xenotransplantation.

Åsa Catapano