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PreMOF: predicting organ failure using metabolomics

Olav Rooyackers


To use metabolomics to predict the development of organ failure


In this project we used several large cohorts (sepsis, trauma, ICU and pediatric IVA) to identify a metabolite finger print that can predict in the early stages whether patients are likely to develop organ failure. We are collaborating with the Swedih Metabolomics Center in Umeå for the analyses.

Main results and publications

It is very early days for this project, but preliminary analyses on 100 ICU patients show promising results that there might be a cluster of metabolites that predicts the worsening of organ failure. More to follow in the coming years


Olav Rooyackers (KI),
Johan Helleberg (SLL),
Swedish Metabolomics Core (LINK),
Anders Oldner (KI),
Kristofer Strålin (KI),
Anna Norrby-Tegelund (KI),
Eric Rullman (KI)


Region Stockholm (ALF project funding)