The SPLENDID project

The SPLENDID project was dedicated to exploring the connection between human behaviour, such as eating habits and physical activity, and the potential risk of obesity or eating disorders, in order to identify effective prevention and intervention strategies.

SPLENDID project illustration
SPLENDID project.

By utilizing real-world observations rather than controlled laboratory settings, the project gathered existing and new data to construct statistical models. The SPLENDID system monitored individuals' progress towards their goals set by healthcare professionals, evaluating their progress towards their goals through a comprehensive understanding of their daily eating and physical activity habits. The program included two interventions for children and adults.

SPLENDID project illsutrating weighting of body weight
SPLENDID project.

SPLENDID @ School was an intended use of the SPLENDID platform in a screening and prevention program at schools. It was utilized to evaluate, monitor, and improve students' eating and physical activity habits who were at risk of developing eating disorders or becoming overweight. SPLENDID for Adults, on the other hand, aimed to offer a lifestyle management service for young adults through healthcare providers, helping them monitor and guide their eating and physical activity habits to prevent weight gain and reduce the risk of obesity-related health problems.

Mandometer in the SPLENDID project
Mandometer in the SPLENDID project.

The SPLENDID system comprised three different sensors, including the Mandometer® to track eating behaviour, a chewing sensor to monitor chewing and swallowing, and an accelerometer to record physical activity, all of which were seamlessly integrated with a smartphone. A personalized monitoring and guidance platform was designed and developed as part of SPLENDID, offering a smooth communication between the user and the system. This platform, accessible through a mobile device and remote server, was responsible for connecting with sensors, executing algorithms to identify behaviour, and providing feedback and guidance to the user.

The SPLENDID consortium consists of 7 partners from Sweden (3), Switzerland (1), Spain (1), the Netherlands (1), and Greece (1).

Work Unit Leader: Ioannis Ioakeimidis

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