BEA Core Facility

BEA - the core facility for Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis is a genomic analysis service facility that provides a broad repertoire of technologies to ongoing research projects at Karolinska Institutet and other Swedish universities.

BEA provides services for genomic analysis based on the Illumina, Affymetrix, Agilent, and ABI platforms for massive parallel sequencing, microarray analysis and qPCR.
BEA aims to provide high quality and internationally competitive infrastructure and service including associated data analysis. Importantly, BEA offers comprehensive pay-for-service solutions at all stages of the analysis from experimental design to bioinformatic support.

Four boxes showing a flow chart of the analysis service
BEA offers complete analysis service.

BEA provides resources and services to support research needs for high-throughput genomics. The analyses are performed with different sequencing and microarray platforms which support a number of different applications. Among new applications that have been tested and implemented recently are the 10X chromium platform for genomic analysis in single cells and RRBS, reduced representation bisulfite sequencing, for analysing genomic DNA methylation patterns. BEA operates as a core facility offering services with a strict “fee-for-service” and “firstcome-first-served” principle. The overall principle for financing the operations at BEA is that customer fees cover costs for reagents, smaller operating investments, service agreements and KI indirect costs (INDI).

Schedule showing the different services with images and text
Overview of BEA platforms and applications.

BEA advertises the services on the BEA website, where information about the platforms, the different assays provided and updated pricelists for the different types of analysis can be found. A project can be initiated usually after consultation and information about the different available analysis methods and after an order form is formally signed. The queue time for a project at BEA will start when samples are handed to the core facility.

Group members

Fredrik Fagerström-Billai

Group leader and Research engineer

David Brodin


Susann Fält

Research engineer

Ashwini Gajulapuri

Research engineer

Patrick Muller

Research engineer

More about BEA

Find out more about BEA on the core facility website.

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