KIPRIME - Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education

The KIPRIME is awarded every second year for outstanding research in medical education, which in this case includes all education and training for any health science profession.

KIPRIME is financed by the Gunnar Höglund and Anna-Stina Malmborg Foundation.


The quality of healthcare depends on competence of the healthcare professionals and the quality of the their education. Medical practice is continuously assessed and improved by research. Similarly, medical education must be research-based, testing innovations and current practices.

Purpose of the prize:

  • Highlight medical education as an important area of research
  • Recognise researchers who contribute to better learning by sharing their findings
  • Stimulate high-quality research
  • Promote long-term improvements in educational practice
Research subject

Funding and selection of laureate

  • KIPRIME is financed by the Gunnar Höglund and Anna-Stina Malmborg Foundation
  • The awarded prize sum is currently € 100 000
  • KIPRIME winner is selected by KI and formally approved by the foundation
Nominate candidate prize

Nomination procedure

Nominations for the 2024 Prize are now closed. For further information, contact Anna Kiessling – the scientific secretary of the prize committee. 

Prize winner 2022 - Professor Kevin Eva

"Professor Eva’s research is diverse. It has impacted medical school admissions by introducing multiple mini interviews as a rigorous process with which to select trainees based on their interpersonal skills. His research has also advanced the understanding of clinical reasoning, guided improvements in experts’ ratings of student performance, and fundamentally altered how the field thinks about self-assessment, feedback and their role in performance improvement"

Prize motivation

Professor Kevin Eva sitting behind a pile of books.
Professor Kevin Eva. Photo: The University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine.

About professor Kevin Eva

  • Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver
  • Director of Educational Research and Scholarship at the Department of Medicine
  • Associate Director of the Centre for Health Education Scholarship, both at the University of British Columbia

News article: Professor Kevin Eva is awarded the KIPRIME

Prize seminar 2022: Honouring the sacred gift - How understanding diagnostic reasoning can improve assessment practice.

Previous prize winners

Prize committee


Sari Ponzer

Professor/senior physician, Department of Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset (KI SÖS)

Scientific Secretary

Anna Kiessling

Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences, Danderyd Hospital (KI DS)

Additional members of the prize committee:

Dr. Madalena Patricio, University of Lisbon.

Prof. Brian Hodges, University of Toronto.

Prof. Terese Stenfors, KI.

Prof. Annika Östman Wernerson, KI.

Doc. Leila Niemi-Murola, University of Helsinki.

Prof. Italo Masiello, Linnéuniversitetet.

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