Entrance to Solna campus closed for construction of new metro station

From 28 February 2022, the Solnavägen entrance to the KI campus will be closed off as work starts on the new metro station.

Since 2020 blasting operations have gone on under and around KI to prepare the work tunnels for the laying of the new “yellow” metro line, which will run from Odenplan to Arenastaden with an intervening station for KI and the hospital: Hagastaden.

Work is also now starting on the station entrance by the entrance to the Solna campus. The work will involve drilling and blasting  for the track tunnels, platforms and escalators and is due for completion in 2024, with the line itself scheduled to open in 2028. To prepare for the construction of the KI station entrance, part of Solnavägen will be dug up and supported with piles. 

What this means to KI’s staff, students and visitors

The works will affect accessibility as one lane of Solnavägen will be closed off and the bus stop moved about 100 m to the north. A section of the perimeter brick wall will be dismantled and part of the garden inside the wall will be used during the building phase. While the new metro station is being built, cars will not be able to drive onto the KI campus from Solnavägen. Entrance for motorists will be from Tomtebodavägen.

Pedestrians and cyclists will have four access points onto campus from Solnavägen

  • New entrance behind Nobel Forum
  • The steps to Aula Medica from Solnavägen
  • The steps between Aula Medica and Biomedicum
  • Via the bridge over Solnavägen

Some of you will not be affected by the construction work other than during blasting. Others might have to make adjustments to your work, depending on its nature, but KI will keep operating as normal throughout. The project will be working with set blasting times, which means that you can be informed about them in advance (e.g. by SMS notification).

Region Stockholm and KI have carried out a joint inventory and insulated/damped sensitive equipment and animal cages to minimise the impact on them. A lot of equipment might be paused or switched off during each blasting operation, which will last 6 to 8 seconds.

The new metro station at KI, Hagastaden.
The metro station in Hagastaden Photo: Region Stockholm/&Rundquist

Hagastaden station

Hagastaden metro station will have entrances for both KI and Karolinska University Hospital.

Hagastaden station will have four entrances:

  • Inside Karolinska University Hospital
  • On the new square outside the hospital
  • By KI (Solnavägen)
  • On Torsplan

KI will be keeping in regular touch with Region Stockholm so that we can inform you about the progress of the project and how it affects the university.

The “yellow” line

  • Hagastaden station is being built 20 metres below ground level.
  • The new stations are Hagastaden, Södra Hagalund and Arenastaden.
  • An estimated 3,800 passengers per hour will alight at Hagastaden during rush hour by 2030.
  • The city will expand around the stations. Approximately 80,000 workplaces will be reachable by the new metro line and 11,000 new homes will be built along its route, many of them in Hagastaden, a new district linking Solna to Stockholm.
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