Nenad Bogdanovic

Nenad Bogdanovic

Anknuten till Undervisning/Handledning | Docent
Besöksadress: Blickagången 16, 14152 Huddinge
Postadress: H1 Neurobiologi, vårdvetenskap och samhälle, H1 Klinisk geriatrik Wahlund, 171 77 Stockholm

Om mig

  • Nenad Bogdanovic is Professor in Geriatric Medicine, specialist and senior
    consultant in neurogeriatric, affiliate professor at Oslo University and
    visiting Professor at Boston University and University of Zagreb. He is a
    clinician, researcher on neurodegenerative disorders with expertise in
    geriatric, neurology, neuropathology and neuroanatomy with the specific
    interest in clinical diagnostics and development of early diagnostic
    biomarkers. He has a successful track record of achievement as a Head of
    Huddinge Brain Bank, co-chair of European Brain bank Consortium, Head of
    Neurogeriatric Clinic, Head of R&
  • D as well as EU Medical Director in
    Neuroscience and Alzheimer’s disease Therapeutics in Pharma companies Wyeth
    and Pfizer, with the specific focus on antibodies against Alzheimer disease.
    He is a co-founder of BrainNet Europe, holder of three innovative patents.
    Awarded with Annual highest pedagogic prize at Karolinska Institutet –
    “Master of Education” – 2004
    Postgraduate course in Pharmaceutical Medicine BrAPP UK
    UK –registered as a specialist in geriatric medicine
    Leadership and Management course Karolinska Hospital
    PhD degree awarded Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
    Postgraduate Course in Neurobiology , University
    MD degree awarded at Medical Faculty Zagreb
    Clinical Trials in CNS London
    EMEA Regulatory Course London
    Marketing Adaptability by The Chartered
    Institute of Marketing, London
    Late Phase Drug Development Conference, Bloomsbury
    Hotel, London
    Code of Practice London
    for Non-marketing Managers, Cookham Business Academy, London
    BrAPP: Survival Guide in
    Pharmaceutical Medicine, London
    EU drugs
    regulation from discovery to marketing and beyond, London


  • project 1. Typical and Atypical Alzheimer - a diagnostic challenge
    project 2. Vitamin D3 and brain function
    project 3. Pathomechanisms and biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease:
    unraveling novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic targets. (sandwich project
    Stockholm - Oslo)
    project 4. Clinical Application of a New Brain Connectivity Marker to Detect
    Early Alzheimer’s Disease (with Joanna Pereira)
    h-index 66, citation 14 753, i10-index 174


  • 1. Awarded with Annual highest pedagogic prize at Karolinska Institutet –
    “Master of Education” – 2004
    2. core Ph.D. course in Neuroanatomy, Neurodevelopment and
    Neurodegeneration at Karolinska Institutet 2000 – 2010, 2022 - ongoing
    3. Teaching and heading the geriatric medicine specialization courses (SK
    courses) 2017 – ongoing
    4. teaching, psychologists, speech pathologist, medical students
    5. the examination of medical students


Alla övriga publikationer


  • Anknuten till Undervisning/Handledning, Neurobiologi, vårdvetenskap och samhälle, Karolinska Institutet, 2022-2025

Examina och utbildning

  • Docent, neurovetenskap, karolinska institutet, 2004

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