Hanna Sjölund

E-postadress: hanna.sjolund@ki.se
Besöksadress: ,
Postadress: H5 Laboratoriemedicin, H5 BCM Mielke, 141 52 Huddinge

Om mig

  • Hanna began her studies in Chemical Engineering, pharmaceutical track at
    Uppsala University in 2016 and wrote her master's thesis at Karolinska
    Institute with supervision from prof. Mielke. After defending in 2021, Hanna
    started working as a research engineer and project coordinator for SWECARNET,
    Sweden's CAR T cell competence network. Since then, she has continued to work
    on projects related to CAR T cell implementation in Sweden. During 2022,
    Hanna also worked part-time with communications at ATMP Sweden.
    Hanna started her Ph.D. in 2023, and she is working on a project focusing on
    detecting circulating CAR T cells and their associated extracellular

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