Alan K Fotoohi

Alan K Fotoohi

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Besöksadress: Avd.För klinisk Farmakologi C1:68, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, 14186 Stockholm
Postadress: H5 Laboratoriemedicin, H5 Klin Farmakologi, 141 52 Huddinge


  • *Publications*
    - Introducing a simple and cost-effective RT-PCR protocol for detection of
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    mechanisms underlying resistance of human cells to the antimetabolites
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    the Departmnet of Oncology-Pathology, Cancer Centrum Karolinska, Karolinska
    Indtitutet at Karolinska University Hospital, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden.
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    - RNA interference targeting thiopurine methyl transferase gene alter the
    effect of the 6-mercaptopurine in human leukaemia cells. Freidoun
    Albertioni, *Alan K. Fotoohi*, Jamileh Hashemi, Elham Hedayati and Catharina
    Larsson. American Society of Haematology 52nd annual meeting, 2011, USA.
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