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Acceptance-based behavioural treatment for insomnia in chronic pain: A clinical pilot study
Zetterqvist V, Grudin R, Rickardsson J, Wicksell Rk, Holmstrom L

Prevalence of autism traits and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in a clinical sample of children and adolescents with chronic pain
Lipsker Cw, Bölte S, Hirvikoski T, Lekander M, Holmström L, Wicksell Rk
Journal of pain research 2018;11():2827-2836

Pain avoidance predicts disability and depressive symptoms three years later in individuals with whiplash complaints
Zetterqvist V, Holmström L, Maathz P, Wicksell Rk
Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica 2017;61(4):445-455

A Clinical Pilot Study of Individual and Group Treatment for Adolescents with Chronic Pain and Their Parents: Effects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Functioning
Kanstrup M, Wicksell Rk, Kemani M, Wiwe Lipsker C, Lekander M, Holmström L
Children (Basel, Switzerland) 2016;3(4):-

A validation of the pain interference index in adults with long-standing pain
Kemani Mk, Zetterqvist V, Kanstrup M, Holmström L, Wicksell Rk
Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica 2016;60(2):250-8

Efficacy of the small step program in a randomised controlled trial for infants below age 12 months with clinical signs of CP; a study protocol
Eliasson Ac, Holmström L, Aarne P, Nakeva Von Mentzer C, Weiland Al, Sjöstrand L, et al
BMC pediatrics 2016;16(1):175-

Exploring Changes in Valued Action in the Presence of Chronic Debilitating Pain in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Youth - A Single-Subject Design Study
Kemani Mk, Olsson Gl, Holmström L, Wicksell Rk
Frontiers in psychology 2016;7():1984-

Pain Interference Mediates the Relationship between Pain and Functioning in Pediatric Chronic Pain
Wicksell Rk, Kanstrup M, Kemani Mk, Holmström L
Frontiers in psychology 2016;7():1978-

The Parent Psychological Flexibility Questionnaire (PPFQ): Item Reduction and Validation in a Clinical Sample of Swedish Parents of Children with Chronic Pain
Wiwe Lipsker C, Kanstrup M, Holmström L, Kemani M, Wicksell Rk
Children (Basel, Switzerland) 2016;3(4):-

Advanced fiber tracking in early acquired brain injury causing cerebral palsy
Lennartsson F, Holmström L, Eliasson Ac, Flodmark O, Forssberg H, Tournier Jd, et al
AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology 2015;36(1):181-7

Evaluating the Statistical Properties of the Pain Interference Index in Children and Adolescents with Chronic Pain
Holmström L, Kemani Mk, Kanstrup M, Wicksell Rk
Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics : JDBP 2015;36(6):450-4

Insomnia in paediatric chronic pain and its impact on depression and functional disability
Kanstrup M, Holmström L, Ringström R, Wicksell Rk
European journal of pain (London, England) 2014;18(8):1094-102

Is outcome of constraint-induced movement therapy in unilateral cerebral palsy dependent on corticomotor projection pattern and brain lesion characteristics?
Islam M, Nordstrand L, Holmström L, Kits A, Forssberg H, Eliasson Ac
Developmental medicine and child neurology 2014;56(3):252-8

Diffusion MRI in corticofugal fibers correlates with hand function in unilateral cerebral palsy
Holmstrom L, Lennartsson F, Eliasson Ac, Flodmark O, Clark C, Tedroff K, et al
NEUROLOGY 2011;77(8):775-83

Dissociation of brain areas associated with force production and stabilization during manipulation of unstable objects
Holmstrom L, De Manzano O, Vollmer B, Forsman L, Valero-cuevas Fj, Ullen F, et al

Evidence of validity in a new method for measurement of dexterity in children and adolescents
Vollmer B, Holmstrom L, Forsman L, Krumlinde-sundholm L, Valero-cuevas Fj, Forssberg H, et al

Hand function in relation to brain lesions and corticomotor-projection pattern in children with unilateral cerebral palsy
Holmstrom L, Vollmer B, Tedroff K, Islam M, Persson Jk, Kits A, et al

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