Staff and management

The Swedish Twin Registry is managed by a Steering Committee, responsible for policy documents and major decisions, and an Expert group, reviewing all STR applications. There are also a number of other staff working in the registry, for instance data base managers and data collectors.

The Steering Committee

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Catarina Almqvist Malmros

Chairperson of the steering committee

Anna Bennet Bark

Health and Social Care Inspectorate

Anna Beskow

Uppsala University

Bo Jacobsson

University of Gothenburg

Christer Janson

Uppsala University

Henrik Larsson

Örebro University

Cecilia Magnusson

Karolinska Institutet

The Expert Group

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Sara Hägg

Chairperson of the Expert group
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Johan Askling

Professor/Senior Physician
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Sofia Carlsson

Senior Lecturer
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Fang Fang


Sebastian Lundström

Representative from the STR National Council


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Ulrika Zagai

Project Manager
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Patrik Magnusson

Director of the Swedish Twin Registry
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Camilla Palm

System Developer
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Barbro Sandin

System Developer

Isabelle Kizling

System Developer

Vivekananda Lanka

System Developer
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Gunilla Hedlund

Project Assistant



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