SFOepi grants

The Strategic Research Area in Epidemiology and Biostatistics (SFOepi) at Karolinska Institutet offers three types of grants. Small grants (up to 150 000 SEK) that can be applied for at any time of year and Junior Scholar grants and Consolidator grants that are announced every two to three years.

Awarded SFOepi grants 2023


  • Davide Liborio Vetrano
  • Lu Yi
  • Peter Ueda

Junior scholar

  • Ida Karlsson
  • Jiayao Lei
  • Donghao Lu
  • Ängla Mantel

Small grants

  • Emma Bränn
  • Paul Dickman
  • Anna Marseglia
  • Nicola Orsini
  • Olof Stephansson
  • Anna Warnqvist
  • Caroline Weibull

How to apply for a small grant

SFOepi has a small grants funding mechanism to support bottom-up initiatives in the field of Epidemiology or Biostatistics. You can apply for small grants of up to 150 000 SEK any time of the year for workshops, events, courses, retreats or other activities. The conditions are that the activity you plan must be open to and of interest to participants from all SFOepi departments (MEB, KEP, IMM, GPH and ARC/NVS) at KI.

To apply please fill in the application form and send it to janina.mahmoodi@ki.se 

Junior Scholar and Consolidator grants

Information on how to apply for Junior Scholar and Consolidator grants will be available when an application period is open. For questions about these grants please contact Janina Mahmoodi.

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