Proteomics Biomedicum Core Facility - related publications

List of related publications where users have acknowledged experimentation or services performed at our core facility.

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Systems-level temporal immune-metabolic profile in Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus infection.
Ambikan AT, Elaldi N, Svensson-Akusjärvi S, Bagci B, Pektas AN, Hewson R, Bagci G, Arasli M, Appelberg S, Mardinoglu A, Sood V, Végvári Á, Benfeitas R, Gupta S, Cetin I, Mirazimi A, Neogi U
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2023 Sep;120(37):e2304722120

Analysis of local extracellular matrix identifies different aetiologies behind bicuspid and tricuspid aortic valve degeneration and suggests therapies.
Beusch CM, Simonson OE, Wedin JO, Sabatier P, Felldin U, Kadekar S, Österholm C, Végvári Á, Zubarev RA, Fromell K, Nilson B, James S, Ståhle E, Grinnemo KH, Rodin S
Cell Mol Life Sci 2023 Aug;80(9):268

Non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae major outer membrane protein P5 contributes to bacterial membrane stability, and affects the membrane protein composition crucial for interactions with the human host.
Su YC, Kadari M, Straw ML, Janoušková M, Jonsson S, Thofte O, Jalalvand F, Matuschek E, Sandblad L, Végvári Á, Zubarev RA, Riesbeck K
Front Cell Infect Microbiol 2023 ;13():1085908

eEF2 improves dense connective tissue repair and healing outcome by regulating cellular death, autophagy, apoptosis, proliferation and migration.
Chen J, Wang J, Wu X, Simon N, Svensson CI, Yuan J, Hart DA, Ahmed AS, Ackermann PW
Cell Mol Life Sci 2023 Apr;80(5):128

Brain endothelial cells exposure to malaria parasites links type I interferon signalling to antigen presentation, immunoproteasome activation, endothelium disruption, and cellular metabolism.
Shafi AM, Végvári Á, Zubarev RA, Penha-Gonçalves C
Front Immunol 2023 ;14():1149107

Single-Cell Chemical Proteomics (SCCP) Interrogates the Timing and Heterogeneity of Cancer Cell Commitment to Death.
Végvári Á, Rodriguez JE, Zubarev RA
Anal Chem 2022 Jul;94(26):9261-9269


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