KIRCNET mini-symposium

Recent mini-symposium or seminars hosted

Since 2012, KIRCNET has been initiating a series of mini-symposia and seminars aiming to facilitate collaborations between pre-clinical and clinical researchers in the cardiovascular and pulmonary area together.

The purpose of this symposium series is to create an creative, inspiring and relaxing environment for clinical and preclinical researchers to meet each other for discussing exciting ongoing research, but also show good examples about how to initiate and build a research career in a patient-centered research and not least how to take research into patient benefit.

You can find the programme from our previous mini-symposia here:


KIRCNET mini-symposium on COVID-19 infection part 2 (2021-5-5)

Sustained prothrombotic changes in COVID-19 patients
Speaker: Ton Lisman, Professor of Experimental Surgery, UMC Groningen University, The Netherlands


KIRCNET mini-symposium on COVID-19 infection part 1: Vascular effect, RAAS, Endothelium and NO (2021-4-15)

Welcome: Carolina Hagberg

Overview of potential long-term vascular effects following Covid-19 infection: Jonas Spaak

Covid-19 and RAAS: circulating soluble ACE2 and ACE: Annika Lundström

Effects of Covid-19 on endothelial function and its interaction with erythrocytes: John Pernow

Conclusion and clinical reflection: Mattias Carlström


KIRCNET Seminar: Interaction between the red blood cell (RBC) and the endothelium in cardiometabolic disease (2020-3-4)

The RBC: Novel mediator of cardiovascular disease and target for treatment: John Pernow

Downregulation of RBC miR-210 induces endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetes: Zhichao Zhou

Abnormal RBC function and reduced nitric oxide bioavailability in women with preeclampsia: Mattias Carlström