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KiiM 2018

KiiM 2018

20-21 September at Skoghem and Wijk, Lidingö.

Programme for KiiM 2018 (updated 2018-09-11)

The registration is now closed.

We have an outstanding scientific programme of external and internal speakers.
We are limited to 170 attendees this year, but once again the meeting is free of charge.
We request that everyone submits an abstract, as this will be the most important criteria for admission to the meeting.
There will be a large number of speaking slots, which are open to everyone at KI regardless of title on a competitive basis.
Registration closes June 10th.

We look forward to seeing you all,
KiiM meeting committee

KiiM 2017

Dear KiiM:ers!

As you may remember, this year’s KiiM retreat will be replaced by an international meeting organized by KiiM and SWIMM in cooperation. The meeting is the Scandinavian Society for Immunology (SSI) meeting in 2017. SSI 2017 takes place from October 17 to 20 at the Clarion Sign Hotel in the middle of Stockholm.

We are very proud of the program so far. The last addition on the speaker list is James Allison from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, which gives 17 speakers in total. There will also be a total of 26 slots for oral presentations at the meeting, in a format very similar to what we’ve had at the KiiM retreats in the last years. In addition, we are planning two interactive poster sessions.

Abstract submission opens Feb 15 so start already now to prepare for our contribution!

Deadline for abstract submission is extended til 12th May.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer participation free of charge for KI attendees to this meeting, but there will be plenty of travel grants available from SWIMM, SSI and from EFIS to attend the meeting. However, even if you (or your boss!) will have to pay a little to attend, we hope that you will prioritize SSI 2017 this fall. It will represent a great opportunity, similar to the KiiM retreats, to catch up with fellow KI immunologists and also to meet new ones outside of KI!

At the program website you can find the preliminary program along with some important dates. The address is

I and the rest of the organizing committee looks forward to seeing you at SSI 2017 in October!

Petter Höglund

SSI 2017 Organizing committe

Petter Höglund, SWIMM chair
Anna Fogdell-Hahn, former SSI and SWIMM chair
Mikael Karlsson, KiiM chair
Lisa Westerberg, SWIMM treasurer and KiiM board member

KiiM 2016

KiiM is now full-up! We have reached our allocation of 200 people that we have budgeted for. I’m afraid we cannot accept any more people. We will contact those who registered shortly.

Best wishes,
Stephen for the organising committee

Dear Karolinska Immunologists,

We are delighted to announce that the 2016 KiiM retreat registration is now open. Please follow the following link in order to registrate. As the KiiM retreat is very popular, please register as soon as possible to secure your place.

The meeting is from the 13th to 14th of October. An abstract will be required by Postdocs and students for registration, and we are happy to announce that the meeting is again free of charge this year.

Confirmed speakers so far:

  • Clare Lloyd; Imperial College London
  • Ken Smith; Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
  • Ludvig Sollid; University of Oslo
  • Stefan Rose-John; Kiel University
  • Mikael Sigvardsson; Lund University

For questions regarding abstracts and registration, please contact Louisa Cheung at For other questions, please contact Mikael Karlsson at

For SWIMM members: SWIMM will reimburse you for the cost after the meeting upon sending original receipts for economy type travel to Lisa Westerberg. Please also fill in the expense claim below and send everything to this address to Lisa Westerberg.

Warm welcome!
Best wishes,
The KiiM organising committee

KiiM 2015

The 8th KiiM was held on 15-16 October 2015 at Sånga-Säby. This year's conference featured 246 participants, 13 invited speakers, 12 selected talks from abstracts and 130 posters presented in an interactive poster session. All invited speakers were exceptionally interesting, covering a broad area of immunology and inflammation. As before the conference was free of charge for all KI-associated scientists.


The KiiM retreat is organized by the KI network in inflammation and immunology (KiiM) with the help of the following other networks and associations: The Theme Center for Inflammatory Diseases (CID), The Doctoral programme in Allergy, immunology and inflammation (Aii), The KI network in circulation and respiration (KIRCNET), The Centre for Allergy Research (CfA) and The Swedish Society for Immunology (SWIMM).



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