KI Biobank - sample handling services

The KI Biobank core facility offers a range of flexible service options that are tailored to meet our customers’ needs. Our dependable and secure service solutions enable us to retrieve and process samples as needed, while striving to exceed expectations. We offer both automated and manual sample processing.

Automated handling of samples at KIBB.
KI Biobank Core Facility: Automated handling of samples. Photo: KIBB
Automated handling of samples at KIBB.
Samples are aliquoted on robots using an 8 to 16 aliquots protocol of 225 µl per aliquot. Photo: Mirra Luboya Ngalula

Automated processing

Our robotic platforms provide high-throughput sample handling. by robots. KI Biobank automation includes platforms provided by Roche, Tecan, Hamilton, Qiagen and Revvity (PerkinElmer).

The automated processing pathways sort and aliquot samples handled according to customers’ needs, and includes sorting, centrifugation, aliquoting, and storing.

We handle various sample types and offer different aliquoting formats.

Samples are aliquoted on robots using an 8 to 16 aliquots protocol of 225 µl per aliquot.

Sample types aliquoted:

  • Cell-free plasma from Streck and EDTA tubes
  • EDTA plasma
  • Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Cord blood
  • Serum 
  • Urine 

Manual processing

Sometimes, some projects are just not automatable. Therefore, KI Biobank offers manual processing of samples. 

Samples follow protocols to satisfy customers requests. All manual handling processes are carried according to the study protocol for preserving the appropriate analyte of interest. All manual processes are handled in a controlled environment to protect the samples and the staff. Aliquoting of manual samples depends on the protocol and the volume varies from 500 µl to 15 ml to different tube types such as cryovials, cryopure tubes, etc.

Sample types aliquoted:

  • Cell-free plasma from Streck 
  • Platelet free plasma from EDTA
  • EDTA plasma
  • Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Cell-free RNA plasma
  • PBMC isolation
  • Serum 
  • Urine
DNA extraction services at KIBB,
Our extraction process is handled automatically using high-throughput Hamilton robots. Photo: Mirra Luboya Ngalula

DNA extraction

We offer different extractions protocols for different sample types.

Our genomic DNA extraction process is handled automatically using high-throughput extraction robots.

  • DNA can be extracted from whole blood, buffy coat, saliva. Each DNA extraction undergoes a concentration measurement and normalization is available upon request.
  • DNA from cell free plasma preparations and embedded tissue can also be extracted.

Please contact our customer relations team for more information on collection tube types, volumes of input sample etc.

PBMC Isolation

We provide cells isolation from Peripheral Blood Mononuclear cells (PBMC) from bone marrow and whole blood.

We offer various isolation protocols depending on upon customer requests. The isolation process is carried out in a BSL-2 sterile environment using a laminar air flow hood. Our most popular isolation protocols are density gradient centrifugation using either Ficoll or Lymphoprep.

Storage of KIBB's samples.
Photo: KIBB


We understand the importance of maintaining sample quality and stability. We go to great lengths to ensure optimal storage conditions for each sample type. Our storage services cater to a wide range of needs, offering customizable solutions to accommodate almost any type of sample.

Samples processed at the KI Biobank can be kept at RT, -20℃, -80℃, or -180℃ as recommended by the customer. We also have a state-of-the-art automated sample storage and retrieval system which can store samples at -80℃ and is convenient for quick retrieval protocols.

Samples which need to be stored at -180℃ are stored in our liquid nitrogen (LN2) tanks.

KI Biobank provides an easy accessibility to your samples. To ensure the security of your samples, KI Biobank has in place strict measures to safeguard them. We have a 24/7 alarm monitoring system with a person on call who will answer the call and take immediate action, in case of freezer alarm and emergencies outside working hours, weekends and holidays.

Storage of KIBB's samples.
Photo: Mirra Luboya Ngalula
Withdrawal of samples at KIBB
Samples are withdrawn upon customer request. We provide reformatting of different sample types to various labwares upon demand. Photo: KIBB


Samples are withdrawn upon customer request. We provide reformatting of different sample types to various labware upon request.

To pick out samples from your sample collection fill in the form Withdrawal Order. You should also prepare an Excel file with sample donor ID. The sample donor ID can be one of two types, either Customer Donor Key (CDK) or Referral ID (RID).

The Withdrawal Order, with the signature of the principal investigator, should be sent via e-mail to You will receive log in credentials to a server so that you can upload your file with sample donor ID. 

If your samples should be sent for analyses, you need to have a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Withdrawal from LifeGene or EpiHealth

LifeGene and EpiHealth are two unique studies which aim to deepen our knowledge of how our genes and our environment interact in various diseases. Both cohorts include samples, analyzed sample data, genotype data and survey data ready for withdrawal after ethical approval.

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