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External research funding

Research accounts for 84 percent of the total annual revenue of Karolinska Institutet, and in 2018 the income for the research area amounted to SEK 6 billion. The largest financial contributions, except government base-funding, come from the Swedish Research Council, Region Stockholm and the European Union. Among the private financiers, the Wallenberg Foundations and AstraZeneca are the largest contributors. External funders accounts for 66 percent of the research funding.  

News on funding awarded to KI

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"Junk DNA" may prove to be gold in the fight against cancer

Previously, the researchers considered that so-called non-coding RNA was a junk DNA that had no significance because it did not create any proteins. But it has been found that it has a central role in the development of cancer. Wallenberg Academy Fellow Claudia Kutter at Karolinska Institutet, is one of the researchers who is now studying non-coding RNA in the search for treatments that kill the cancer cells but spares the healthy cells. View a video from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Katarina Sternudd
Katarina Sternudd