External research funding

Research accounts for about 80% of Karolinska Institutet's annual activities, and in 2020 the income for the research area amounted to a little more than SEK 6 billion. The largest financial contributions, except government base-funding, come from the Swedish Research Council, Region Stockholm and the EU. Among private financiers, the Swedish Cancer Society, the Wallenberg Foundations and AstraZeneca are the largest contributors. Some 65% of the research funding come from external funders.

Awarded grants to KI research

News on funding awarded to KI

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"Junk DNA" could be gold

Previously, researchers considered that non-coding RNA was a junk DNA that had no significance because it did not create any proteins. It has since been found that it may prove to be gold in the fight of cancer. KI researcher Claudia Kutter is one of the researchers who is studying non-coding RNA. View a video from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Better medicines and vaccines

Disease-causing viruses and bacteria challenging  body's immune system are a major health problem. Carmen Gerlach at KI explores how our immune system works, focusing on the T-cells which she hopes will be able to provide puzzle pieces for better vaccines and medicines. This video is produced by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.