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Research in biostatistics involves the development and application of statistical methods with the ultimate aim of better health for all. By developing new quantitative methods and making innovative applications to substantive and demanding scientific problems, biostatistical scientists play a central role in the advancement of research in public health, biology, and medicine.

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The KI-BIOSTAT mailing list distributes information of interest to biostatisticians in the Stockholm area, with specific focus on events at KI. The list is managed at Karolinska Institutet but is open to all individuals with an interest in biostatistics, irrespective of formal qualifications or geographic location.

The list is for distributing information on events where biostatistical scientists are the primary target audience. The list can be used to advertise job vacancies in biostatistics, but it should not be used for general discussion of biostatistics.

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What is biostatistics research?

Biostatistics is the science of inferring knowledge from data in the fields of medicine, biology, and public health. Researchers in the field of biostatistics study the theory, tools, and applications of methods for the collection, analysis, presentation, and interpretation of biomedical data. We work closely with subject matter experts in order to advance scientific knowledge.

Courses in biostatistics

The steering group for doctoral education in biostatistics is an informal, inter-departmental network that coordinates courses and other learning activities for doctoral students whose field of research and education is biostatistics.

Service courses in biostatistics

KI offers a number of service courses aimed at students majoring in disciplines other than biostatistics. KI has an overview of courses in biostatistics and statistical software. Information about courses can also be found on the webpages of the departments responsible for the courses.

Courses at LIME
Courses at IMM
Courses at GPH

Biostatistical collaboration and support

The following groups offer biostatistical collaboration and support to medical and public health research:

Interested in doctoral studies in biostatistics?

Karolinska Institutet welcomes doctoral students in biostatistics. Karolinska Institutet is an ideal environment for doctoral education in biostatistics; researchers in biostatistics are integrated in departments where world-leading research in methods development is performed side-by-side with world-leading research is medicine and public health. We do not have a centralised admission program to doctoral education; all new doctoral positions are advertised individually on the KI web page.

In addition to checking for advertised positions, scholars interested in doctoral education are encouraged to approach individual researchers and enquire about possibilities. Be aware that researchers receive many e-mails from prospective students and those that are non-personal (i.e., sent to large numbers of recipients) do not usually receive a reply.

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