Activities and Services at CBB

We support researchers, project and students in the areas of bioinformatics and biostatistics.

Support early stages of research projects

We discuss with researchers about questions and ideas around research projects at the idea stage or planning stage. We give advice on experimental design aspects including cohort samples sizes and related statistical power analyses as well as on the bioinformatics or biostatistics personnel required for the planned study. Such support will be helpful for designing studies and for improving the success rate of grant applications.

Mentorship programme for PhD students and postdocs

The centre is offering a mentorship programme for postdoc level researchers and PhD students working with bioinformatics or biostatistics at Campus Flemingsberg. We identify experienced researchers in bioinformatics and biostatistics and pair these with junior researchers. The centre may pay the part of the salary of the experienced researchers based on their mentorship activity and based on funding available to CBB. Depending on the financial situation of the centre, the supervisors of the mentees might be asked to pay for that financial contribution.

Support recruitments and connect available resources to the needs

The centre will match the unmet needs regarding bioinformatics and biostatistics expressed by the research groups with the available analysis resources at Campus Flemingsberg. This way, overcapacities in one group might be made accessible to research groups in need of these capacities together with corresponding financial compensation by the receiving group. In cases where there are unmet demands, a group might consider recruiting personnel. Alternatively, two groups can consider to jointly employ and share personnel. The centre provides support by helping to write open calls, by screening applications and with interviews.

Shared office space and social network

The centre will arrange and host activities for researchers depending on joint discussions and bottom-up suggestions. The centre plans to rent office space to facilitate occasional joint work of bioinformaticians and biostatisticians with the aim of stimulating the working environment and collaboration.

NOTE: Joint office space will be made available depending on the COVID-recommendations.

Education and courses

The centre will organise courses on the master’s and doctoral levels. The topics will be chosen based on the needs expressed by the research groups at Campus Flemingsberg.

Seminars and invitation of guest speakers

A regular seminar series will be established hosting local as well as invited speakers, national and possibly also international.