Elisabet Lindgren

Education Officer
Telephone: +46852483638
Visiting address: Widerströmska huset, Tomtebodavägen 18A, 17165 Solna
Postal address: C7 Lärande, Informatik, Management och Etik, C7 Lärande Tomson LearnTech, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • As education officer I, among other things, coordinate the Introductory
    Doctoral Supervision [1] course, the Pedagogical continuation course [2] as
    well as Leadership for Research group leaders [3].
    If you need help with matters concerning these courses, please contact me.
    Bachelor in Social science/ Education with Specialization in Personnel, Work
    and Organization
    - https://staff.ki.se/introductory-doctoral-supervision-course
    -. https://staff.ki.se/pedagogy-for-doctoral-supervisors
    - https://staff.ki.se/leadership-for-research-group-leaders

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