Resources in terms of self-initiated management strategies and learning potential in technology use among people with MCI/AD

The overall aim of this research is to provide new knowledge of conditions for maintaining and facilitating engagement in activities and for competent technology use in older adults with mild cognitive impairment, MCI or mild stage dementia, based on explorations of their resources.

Specifically, the outlined sub-studies aim to identify and explore their resources in terms of self-initiated strategies for problem-solving and potentials for learning and adaptation in everyday activities and work, particularly related to technology use.

Based on earlier research, a tool is developed for identification of individuals’ resources in terms of how everyday problems are met and problems are solved, focusing on people with MCI or dementia. This tool will be tested in research and clinical practice, with a start in the project Dementia or mild cognitive impairment: @ work in progress. In Luleå, the tool will be tried out among people with acquired brain injury.


Louise Nygård



FORTE’s program support and FORTE under the framework of the JPI MYBL.

Earlier also Strategiska Forskningsområdet Vård (SFO-V) at Karolinska Institute.