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Occupational therapy as a profession has grown out of the needs of society to rehabilitate people after illness and / or injury. Measures in occupational therapy aimed at individuals coping with their everyday activities, their work and their leisure time, can be directed at both the individual and the surrounding environment.

Occupational therapy as treatment is found in most areas of healthcare and the number of professional therapists in Sweden amounts to about 9 000.

The Occupational Therapy Programme

The programme for occupational therapy (180 credits) at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm provides a professional degree and a bachelor's degree.

Program Web for undergraduate education in occupational therapy

Freestanding courses

In addition to undergraduate education in occupational therapy, freestanding courses and supplementary courses at the level 61-80p are also given in the subject occupational therapy. There is also an opportunity for graduate studies.

Freestanding courses

Training catalogue at Karolinska Institutet

Master's degree in Occupational Therapy

From the spring semester 2016, KI offers a combination of courses at the advanced level to obtain a master's degree in occupational therapy. The courses combine inter-professional courses (eg an introductory course in scientific theory and research with physiotherapy and nursing) with subject-specific courses. Learn more about actuell information on courses and application.

The Divsion of Occupational Therapy provides ongoing courses at the master’s level (C level) which together lead to a master's degree in occupational therapy. Teachers from the department also play a large part in the following inter-professional courses at the advanced level (can be taken as part of the master's degree, not subject-specific courses):

Challenges for the growing city - interdisciplinary project course within OpenLab 15 credits (course language English).

Measuring in Caring Science 15 credits (course language Swedish)

More courses are available in Swedish. 

For more information about the master's programme in occupational therapy, please contact Camilla Walles Malinowsky:

European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

The Division of Occupational Therapy at Karolinska Insititutet is one of five European partners that provide the "the Master of Science Program in Occupational Therapy." programme together. The programme leads to a "Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy" and the program has become one of the 10 master's programmes that received excellence for internationalization from the Dutch Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders.

Read more about the European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy.

Graduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses at the School of Occupational Therapy at different periods are as follows:

  • 2664 Introduction to Modern Test Theory and Test / Survey Methodology 4.0 credits (English)
  • 2702 Occupational Science conceptual development and application on Research (English)

More information about current postgraduate courses in NVS found in the course catalogue.

Exchange studies

Read more about exchange studies here.

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