The PoPEx project extends the ongoing CANOPTIPHYS study. The purpose of the project is to provide motivational support for preoperative exercise and remote support to monitor complex and time-consuming interventions more efficiently.

The PoPEx study is divided in two phases. In phase 1 we develop a digital tool for remote support with an iterative co-creation approach by analysing user needs from patients, patient representatives and physiotherapists and synthesizing requirements. In phase 2 we will evaluate the feasibility of the digital tool regarding applicability, usability, and motivational aspects.

In phase 1 participants and physiotherapists from the CANOPTIPHYS study have been invited to participate in the development phase of the digital tool through workshops. To evaluate feasibility of the digital tool in phase 2, a consecutive sample of 20 new participants will be recruited from the surgery clinics at the Karolinska University hospital. They will receive the same intervention that are used in the CANOPTIPHYS study, but they will also use the digital tool including remote support from physiotherapists in primary care. The co-creation process where patients, clinicians and managers are closely involved from the very beginning will contribute to improved knowledge, participation and engagement regarding digital development and process, which in turn will enhance implementation.

Principal Investigator

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Elisabeth Rydwik

Senior Lecturer/Physcial Therapist

Project members

Maria Hagströmer, professor, physiotherapist

Ing-Mari Dohrn, PhD, physiotherapist

Marie Sjölinder, PhD, psychologist

Monika Egenvall, docent, surgeon

Christian Sturesson, docent, surgeon

Julia Engström Sid, PhD student

Olov Ståhl, researcher, RISE

Financial support

The Strategic Research Area Health Care Science (SFO-V)


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