Understanding and assessing Aging in a Place with tailored home modification

The present research program focuses on how participation in everyday activities can be supported by modifying the home environment among older persons with disabilities.

The specific aims of this program are:

  1. To develop knowledge of the desired versus the actual effects of home modification over time on older adults with disabilities and their ability to continue to live in their home and participate in activities.
  2. To develop knowledge on factors contributing to home modification for elderly with functional limitations.
  3. To develop knowledge of how the quality of the person-environment interaction within the home can further operationalized and measured, specifically in relation to home modification.

Participants will be sampled from elderly receiving home modification service. The design of the studies will be a combination of longitudinal, quasi-experimental and qualitative design and will include modern test theory as well as explorative hypothesis-generating qualitative methodology.

Project leaders

Staffan Josephsson & Margareta Lilja

Collaborating Researchers & Project Assistants

Associate Professor Ann-Helen Patomella, KI

Senior lecturer Karin Johansson KI

Master Student

Helena Hallinder

Funding Agencies


Project initiated in 2010


Fernando, M., Hellman, T. & Josephsson, S. (In press) A Shared Viewpoint but Diverse Focus: A Case Study About Teamwork Within Geriatric Home Rehabilitation. Health and interprofessional practice.