A study of resuming everyday occupations among Japanese with physical disabilities

The general aim is to explore, understand and describe processes of resuming everyday occupations (i.e. daily life activities) among Japanese elderly with physical disabilities, particularly after illness or accident.

Study 1: A qualitative study employing retrospective interviews and thematic analysis to explore and understand how elderly people in Japan frame their experiences of resuming daily life after an illness or accident (Bontje et al, 2012).

Study 2: A narrative ethnography, using participant-observation and open interviews, to identify meaning established within everyday occupations among five elderly Japanese who lived with physical disabilities. (in manuscript)

Study 3: A single-case study design (multiple participants) employing qualitative and quantitative methodologies to explore changes over time in occupational functioning among Japanese elderly with physical disabilities.

Study 4: A focus group study that aims to explore and understand how occupational therapists perceive processes of assuming everyday occupations among their elderly clients with physical disabilities.

Project members

  • The projects is driven by Peter Bontje (doctoral student)
  • Staffan Josephsson PhD Professor (main supervisor)
  • Eric Asaba PhD Lecturer (co-supervisor)
  • Anders Kottorp PhD Associate Professor (co-supervisor)
  • Lena Borell PhD Professor (co-supervisor)


Funding by Tokyo Metropolitan University and Aino University. The project was  initiated in 2006.


Peer-reviewed original papers:

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