The Academic Nursing Home - A large scale intervention of the national guidelines for care of persons with dementia in a nursing home setting.

In May 2010 the National Board for Health and Welfare published the national guidelines for the care of persons with dementia. The present project will develop a model for implementing the guidelines and furthermore, use scientific methods to investigate the effects and outcomes of the intervention.

The project is conducted at Stureby nursing home in the City of Stockholm and consists of 25 units with about 200 persons with a dementia diagnose and the same number of care- providers. A Participant Action Research (PAR) bottom up model, has been applied to implement the guidelines during 2010-2012, where researchers from KI served as facilitators and supervisors during the intervention process.

Three primary outcome measures will be used to study the outcomes: a) thriving (residents), b) degree of participation (relatives) and c) person-centered care (caregivers). Secondary outcome measures for residents involve prevalence of neuroleptic use, falls, restrains, weight development, behavioral and psychiatric symptoms. Secondary outcome measures relating to the caregivers are prevalence of stress of consciousness, amount of sick leave, job satisfaction, and assessments of the ward climate. Relatives will also be asked to assess their experience of the ward climate as well as to fill in a burden scale.

The first step in the project to implement the national guidelines has been completed in 2012. During 2012-2012 data analysis will be conducted on the outcomes of the project. A model for how to Implement new research in nursing homes has been developed based on empirical data.

Project Leader

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Lena Borell

Professor Emeritus/Emerita

Collaborating researchers

PO Sandman, David Edwardsson , Sofia Vikström, Ewa Stenwall, Kristina Rising, Lotta Saarnio, Karin Johansson

Funded by

Swedish Brain Power (SBP)

The project started in 2010.