Older adults perception of homecare quality in relation to staff work environment

The aim of the project is to investigate whether home care staff's ratings of job satisfaction, health and stress at work are associated with older people's reporting of the quality of home care services.

The goal is to improve the quality of care for older persons with home care and to improve job satisfaction and reduce job strain for home care staff and unit managers in home care.

To answer the project’s aim, data collection is conducted through surveys among home care staff in five different municipalities. Questionnaires capture the topics of job strain, job satisfaction and work organization, and the staff member’s own health. The data collection took place during the same time period as the National Board of Health and Welfare carried out the so-called "User Survey" (Brukarundersökning in Swedish). In this survey, questions regarding experience of the home care service are sent to older people who have home care services or live in care homes.

We will examine the associations between factors in the work organization and individual factors among the staff (such as education, job strain) and the older persons’ reporting of the quality of home care services using the questions in the User Survey. Based on these analyses, interventions will be developed targeting the modifiable factors and tested with the aim of improving the quality of home care service from the perspective of the older persons and the staff's work situation.

Research leader

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Anne-Marie Boström

Senior Lecturer/Nurse


Helen Olt, lecturer, Division of Nursing, NVS, Karolinska Institutet.

Zarina Nahar Kabir, docent, Division of Nursing, NVS, Karolinska Institutet.

Group members

Dan Lundgren, Jönköpings universitet.

Ingemar Kåreholt, Ageing Research Center (ARC), NVS, Karolinska Institutet and Jönköpings universitet.


FORTE (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare)

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