Anne-Marie Boström

Anne-Marie Boström

Senior Lecturer/Nurse | Docent
Telephone: +46852483919
Visiting address: Alfred Nobels Allé 23, D2, Flemingsberg, 14183 Huddinge
Postal address: H1 Neurobiologi, vårdvetenskap och samhälle, H1 Omvårdnad Omv enhet 4, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • I have a joint position as Senior Lecturer at the Division for Nursing, NVS
    and University Nurse at Theme Inflammation and Aging, Karolinska University
    Hospital, Stockholm. I am Director of Nursing Development at Nursing Unit
    Aging. I am also affiliated to the Research and Development unit at
    Stockholms Sjukhem. I have an affiliation as Associate Adjunct Professor at
    Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.
    • University Certificate in Nursing (Sophiahemmet University College1982)
    • Registered Nurse (1982)
    • Specialist Degree in Gerontological Nursing (Stockholm University College
    for Caring Science, Stockholm 1988)
    • Bachelor of Nursing (Red Cross University College 1998)
    • Master of Medical Science with a major in Nursing (Karolinska Institutet
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science (Karolinska Institutet 2007)
    • Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)/Institute of Aging
    Postdoctoral Dementia and Veterans Fellowship (University of Alberta,
    Edmonton, Canada 2008-2010) (co-funded by CapitalCare Inc.)


  • My area of research, teaching and clinical practice is the promotion of
    evidence-based care for older adults to enhance their health and well-being.
    My research focuses on evidence-based care, particularly research utilization
    among nursing staff.
    My PhD thesis “Evidence-Based Care of Older People - Utopia or Reality?
    Healthcare personnel’s perceptions of using research in their daily
    practice [1]" reports the extent of research use among staff working in the
    care of older adults and various factors’ associations with research
    After my thesis defense I was awarded a Canadian Institute of Health Research
    (CIHR) three-year post-doctoral fellowship at the Faculty of Nursing,
    University of Alberta and CapitalCare, Edmonton, Canada. Professor Carole
    Estabrooks, known internationally as a leader in knowledge translation, was
    my supervisor, and I participated in the research program Translating
    Research in Elder Care [2]. I led several nutritional research projects at
    one centre, collaborating with CapitalCare staff, that were widely
    disseminated and published.
    My present research focuses on examining individual and organizational
    factors associated with research utilization and evidence-based care. The aim
    is to generate knowledge in order to develop interventions to support
    increased research use in practice and to evaluate these interventions from
    the older adults’ and staffs’ perspectives.
    Some of my on-going research projects
    The OPEN study [3]
    Future Care [4]
    Caring in Community Care [5]
    The INIS-study [6]


  • I’m responsible for and an examiner for the Postgraduate Program in
    Specialist Nursing – Elderly Care. I also lecture in various courses in the
    undergraduate nursing program.
    At Theme Aging, Karolinska University Hospital, I’m a member of the
    Research and Development committe. We are working on to develop the clinical
    training for students from the nursing and medical programs.
    I am responsible for the KI part of the ERASMUS project EISEN [1]which aims
    to develop courses in implementation science for students at master level and
    in research education.


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  • Senior Lecturer/Nurse, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institutet, 2010-

Degrees and Education

  • Docent, Karolinska Institutet, 2013
  • Doctor Of Philosophy, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institutet, 2007
  • Master Of Medical Science, Karolinska Institutet, 2001

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