Top Publications 2019

Spatial and temporal localization of immune transcripts defines hallmarks and diversity in the tuberculosis granuloma. Berit Carow, Thomas Hauling, Xiaoyan Qian, Igor Kramnik, Mats Nilsson & Martin E. Rottenberg. Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 1823 (2019)

Accumulation of Circulating CCR7 Natural Killer Cells Marks Melanoma Evolution and Reveals a CCL19-Dependent Metastatic Pathway.
Cristiani C, Turdo A, Ventura V, Apuzzo T, Capone M, Madonna G, et al
Cancer Immunol Res 2019 May;7(5):841-852

Luminescent CeO:Eu nanocrystals for robust in situ HO real-time detection in bacterial cell cultures.
Henning D, Merkl P, Yun C, Iovino F, Xie L, Mouzourakis E, et al
Biosens Bioelectron 2019 May;132():286-293

FGFR4 phosphorylates MST1 to confer breast cancer cells resistance to MST1/2-dependent apoptosis.
Turunen S, von Nandelstadh P, Öhman T, Gucciardo E, Seashore-Ludlow B, Martins B, et al
Cell Death Differ. 2019 Mar;():

System-wide Profiling of RNA-Binding Proteins Uncovers Key Regulators of Virus Infection.
Garcia-Moreno M, Noerenberg M, Ni S, Järvelin A, González-Almela E, Lenz C, et al
Mol. Cell 2019 Apr;74(1):196-211.e11

Multi-faceted inhibition of dendritic cell function by CD4Foxp3 regulatory T cells.
Seitz C, Liu S, Klocke K, Joly A, Czarnewski P, Tibbitt C, et al
J. Autoimmun. 2019 Mar;98():86-94

Integrated Molecular Analysis of Undifferentiated Uterine Sarcomas Reveals Clinically Relevant Molecular Subtypes.
Binzer-Panchal A, Hardell E, Viklund B, Ghaderi M, Bosse T, Nucci M, et al
Clin. Cancer Res. 2019 Apr;25(7):2155-2165

Pneumolysin binds to the mannose receptor C type 1 (MRC-1) leading to anti-inflammatory responses and enhanced pneumococcal survival.
Subramanian K, Neill D, Malak H, Spelmink L, Khandaker S, Dalla Libera Marchiori G, et al
Nat Microbiol 2019 01;4(1):62-70

CXADR-Mediated Formation of an AKT Inhibitory Signalosome at Tight Junctions Controls Epithelial-Mesenchymal Plasticity in Breast Cancer.
Nilchian A, Johansson J, Ghalali A, Asanin S, Santiago A, Rosencrantz O, et al
Cancer Res. 2019 01;79(1):47-60

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