Doctoral Theses


526) Quintana Varon, Maria del Pilar, Surface antigens in Plasmodium falciparum malaria: PfEMP1 and SURFIN4.2. Opponent: Jake Baum, London. (Huvudhandl: Mats Wahlgren, bihandl: Kirsten Moll), pp 1-61, Stockholm 27 januari, 2017.


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529) Bollampalli, Vishnu Priya, Dendritic cell migration to draining lymph node and T-cell priming to Bacille Calmette-Guérin. Opponent: Joel D. Ernst, New York. (Huvudhandl: Antonio Gigliotti Rothfuchs, bihandl: Susanne Nylén), pp 1-38, Stockholm 27 april, 2017.


530) Duhlin, Amanda, The regulation of B cell responses in systemic autoimmunity. Opponent: David Gray, Edinburgh. (Huvudhandl: Mikael Karlsson, bihandl: Stephen Malin, Göran K Hansson), pp 1-53, Stockholm 5 maj, 2017.


531) Agricola Joachim, Immune responses induced by immunization with HIV-1 DNA followed by HIV-modified vaccinia virus Ankara with or without recombinant GP140 in healthy Tanzanian individuals . Opponent: Hendrik Streeck, Duisburg Essen. (Huvudhandl: Charlotta Nilsson, bihandl: Gunnel Biberfeld, Eligius Lyamuya, Said Aboud), pp 1-56, Stockholm 10 maj, 2017.


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533) Mushtaq, Muhammad, Role of mitochondrial ribosomal protein S18-2 in cancerogenesis and in regulation of stemness and differentiation. Opponent: Pramod Kumar Srivastava, Connecticut. (Huvudhandl: Elena Kashuba, bihandl: Sonia Lain, George Klein), pp 1-54, Stockholm 23 maj, 2017.


534) Sekikubo, Musa, Urinary tract infections in pregnancy : studies in vivo and in vitro. Opponent: Andrej Weintraub, Stockholm. (Huvudhandl: Annelie Brauner, bihandl: Fred Kironde, Florence Mirembe), pp 1-44, Stockholm and Kampala 24 maj, 2017.


535) Phua, Terri, The role of angiopoietin-like 4 in inflammation. Opponent: Feng Rao, Guangdong. (Huvudhandl: Velmurugesan Arulampalam, bihandl: Andrew Nguan Soon Tan), pp 1-91, Stockholm and Singapore 25 maj, 2017.


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537) Hentrich, Karina, Glycan-based interactions of Streptococcus pneumoniae and the host. Opponent: Marco Rinaldo Oggioni, Leicester. (Huvudhandl: Birgitta Henriques Normark, bihandl: Staffan Normark, Jonas Löfling), pp 1-66, Stockholm 9 juni, 2017.


538) Salam, Sadia, Natural killer cell education under conditions of perturbed sensing of MHC : studies in MHC-I mosaic and chimaeric mice. Opponent: Loredana Ruggeri, Perugia. (Huvudhandl: Klas Kärre, bihandl: Maria Johansson, Hanna Brauner, Laksmikanth Tadepally), pp 1-102, Stockholm 13 juni, 2017.


539) Oliynyk, Ganna, Metabolism and neural differentiation in childhood neuroblastoma. Opponent: Håkan Axelson, Lund. (Huvudhandl: Marie Arsenian Henriksson, bihandl: Janne Lehtiö), pp 1-59, Stockholm 14 juni, 2017.


540) Md Idris, Zulkarnain, Immunity and immunological surveillance for malaria elimination in tropical islands. Opponent: Michael Alifrangis, Köpenhamn. (Huvudhandl: Akira Kaneko, bihandl: Mats Wahlgren, Chris Drakeley), pp 1-71, Stockholm 15 juni, 2017.


541) Blom, Magdalena, The atypical Rho GTPase RhoD and its role in cellular dynamics. Opponent: Theresia Stradal, Braunschweig. (Huvudhandl: Pontus Aspenström, bihandl: Katarina Reis, Annica Gad), pp 1-49, Stockholm 16 juni, 2017.


542) Soldemo, Martina, Approaches to modulate vaccine-induced antibody responses. Opponent: Klaus Uberla, Erlangen. (Huvudhandl: Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam, bihandl: Gabriel Pedersen, Mikael Karlsson), pp 1-62, Stockholm 6 oktober, 2017.


543) Mohammad Sakil, Habib Abdullah, Exploring the role of p73-isoforms during tumor development. Opponent: Claire Lewis, Sheffield. (Huvudhandl: Margareta Wilhelm, bihandl: Marie Arsenian Henriksson), pp 1-75, Stockholm 19 oktober, 2017.


544) Kritikou, Joanna, Immune responses against tumors controlled by the actin cytoskeleton : lessons from primary immunodeficiencies . Opponent: Loic Dupré, Toulouse. (Huvudhandl: Lisa Westerberg, bihandl: Marianne Farnebo, Robert Månsson, Hanna Brauner), pp 1-64, Stockholm 3 november, 2017.


545) Gao, Yu, Studies on the role of SOCS3 and STAT3 in development and function of the immune system. Opponent: Andrea Cooper, Leicester. (Huvudhandl: Martin Rottenberg, bihandl: Antonio Gigliotti Rothfuchs, Berit Annika Carow), pp 1-80, Stockholm 8 december, 2017.


MTC Doctoral Theses 1993 to 2015