The aim of the project is to investigate whether, and if so, to what extent regular physical exercise affects the ability to function (cognitively, physically, socially) and the metabolic and inflammatory risk factors in people affected by psychosis. Currently, patients are being recruited at clinics in the Regions of Stockholm, Skåne and Halland.

The project is led by Professor Yvonne Forsell, at the Department of Global Public Health at KI, but we are investigating the molecular factors.

Team-leader: Catharina Lavebratt

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Catharina Lavebratt

Principal Researcher

Co-workers in the Translational Psychiatry Group:

Other key-role researchers at KI in this project

Yvonne Forsell, Maria Skott, Philippe Melas


Differences in the gut microbiome of young adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorder: using machine learning to distinguish cases from controls.
Stiernborg M, Prast-Nielsen S, Melas PA, Skott M, Millischer V, Boulund F, Forsell Y, Lavebratt C
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Physical exercise is associated with a reduction in inflammatory biomarkers in first-episode psychosis: A pilot study of CRP, SAA, sICAM-1 and sVCAM-1.
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FitForLife: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
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