CLINICUM Solna - local research support with a focus on scientific and methodological advice

CLINICUM Solna is part of the region-wide CLINICUM organization which aims to strengthen the quality of clinical and translational research.

In its entirety, the CLINICUM organization consists of a central organization and seven nodes which represent the health care providers in Region Stockholm and SLSO. The nodes' activities aim to offer scientific advice and to provide methodological support based on local needs.

CLINICUM Solna's mission is to:

  • Provide clinical and translational researcher support in assessing and developing the quality of their study design and analysis of data
  • Provide methodological support and advice in biostatistics and bioinformatics
  • Ensure access to the support services and IT environments to facilitate handling of health data in research
  • Establish a mentoring program with a focus on methodological support for doctoral students and postdocs in the form of regular meetings.­­­­

The activities in CLINICUM Solna are aimed at researchers who are employed or affiliated with one of the departments located in Solna, and the counseling service is free of charge. The activity is located at the Division of Clinical Epidemiology (KEP) at the Department of Medicine, Solna.

What can you as a researcher get support with?

In Clinicum's operations, there are researchers in biostatistics and epidemiology that are involved in the scientific advice.

For projects in the early phase, there is opportunity to discuss issues related to study design, choice of statistical method, data orders, description of method sections in applications to the ethics review authority or to grant providers

Clinicum can also help with recommendations and considerations linked to conference abstracts, statistical analysis plans, study protocols, or review comments

Clinicum's method support network can also participate in shorter consultations that can help researchers avoid common mistakes when performing statistical programming or analyses, as well as discuss ideas for new studies and analyses.

How do you apply?

  1. Application:
    You need to fill in a complete application for support to ensure that you as a researcher receive the best possible help from our method and research specialists
  2. Application process:
    Your application will then be processed by Clinicum's method support coordinator and you will be contacted shortly via e-mail to schedule an initial appointment
  3. Meetings:
    CLINICUM Solna is housed in the division of Clinical Epidemiology premises in Eugeniahemmet, Maria Aspmans gata. It is located on the hospital side of Solnavägen, furthest towards Hagaparken. This is where we hold our physical meetings. Digital meetings are also possible, but we would like to encourage you to visit us on site so that the counseling sessions have as much exchange as possible.

Things to consider when applying for support:

  • Apply for support in time. The earlier your application is received, the better support you can expect.
  • Fill in the application form carefully. A more clearly formulated question gives us a better chance of connecting you to the right methodological competence.
  • Feel free to bring key collaborators to the counselling session. We encourage researchers to consider our consultations as research meetings and welcome PhD students, postdocs, your own statisticians or programmers to participate.
  • As a basic rule, we cannot provide practical support with data processing or statistical analyses via Clinicum. Researchers in need of long-term and/or hands-on data analysis are advised to contact the Biostatistics Core (Division of Biostatistics, IMM), or MedStat (LIME).

CLINICUM Solna's mentorship program

In CLINICUM Solna's mentorship program doctoral students or postdocs are paired with a mentor with specialist knowledge in methods that are the basis, or needed, for the research to be carried out.

The role of the mentor is to be a discussion partner and a regular support in the research process, preferably with regard to the methodological aspects of the project. The mentor will not carry out statistical analyzes within the framework of this program, but will instead contribute to the doctoral student or postdoctoral fellow achieving the theoretical and practical knowledge goals that the research project entails.

In order for participation in the program to have the greatest benefit, it is therefore assumed that applicants have basic knowledge and skills in data management in some statistical software. The extent of the support for each individual doctoral student/postdoc is planned for up to 10 hours of meeting time. The design of how this support is given, i.e. the arrangement regarding the number, length and time between meetings is determined together with the doctoral student/postdoc based on needs.

The program is funded by the participating departments, which currently are:

  • MedS
  • MMK
  • OnkPat
  • KBH
  • CNS

Eligible to apply for CLINICUM Solna's mentoring program are doctoral students and postdocs employed at one of these institutions. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact for more information.


Please send your questions regarding Clinicum Solna operations and activities to

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