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Publications from LLHCC

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Data sharing in qualitative research: opportunities and concerns.
McGrath C, Nilsonne G
MedEdPublish Nov 2018, 7, [4], 34





On learning in the clinical environment
Liljedahl, M.
Perspectives on Medical Education August 2018, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 272–275

How to…choose between different types of data
Helmich, E, Stenfors T, Barrett A
The clinical teacher 23 July 2018 10.1111/tct.12925


Getting down to the business of teaching ethics. An inter-disciplinary case study
McGrath, C, Fisher, R M, Hanberg, A, Haldosen, L A, Juth, N, Lek, M
International Journal of Ethics Education June 2018, 1-7

Videos as learning objects in MOOCs: A study of specialist and non‐specialist participants' video activity in MOOCs
Stöhr, C, Stathakarou, N, Mueller, F, Nifakos, S, & McGrath, C,.
British Journal of Educational Technology, 07 May 2018, Volume 50, Issue 1

MOOC Learners’ Engagement with Two Variants of Virtual Patients: A Randomised Trial
Stathakarou, N, Scully, M L, Kononowicz, A A, Henningsohn, L, Zary, N, McGrath, C
Education Sciences March 2018, 8(2), 44

Lessons learned: towards a framework for integration of theory and practice in academic development
Bolander Laksov, K
International Journal for Academic Development 27 March 2018, 1-12




Moving beyond orthodoxies in academic development
Jessop, T, & Bolander Laksov, K
International Journal of Academic Development, 01 October 2017, 22:4


Using kaizen to improve employee wellbeing: Results from two organizational intervention studies
von Thiele Schwarz, U, Nielsen, K M, Stenfors-Hayes, T, Hasson, H
Human Relations 01 December 2016


Navigating without a map: how medical students interact with clinical learning environments
Liljedahl, M, Björck, E, Ponzer, S, & Bolander Laksov, K
Studies in Higher Education 08 August 2017, 1-12



Becoming an educational leader–exploring leadership in medical education
Bolander Laksov, K, & Tomson, T
International Journal of Leadership in Education 2017, 20(4), 506-516



Educating Public Health Professionals for an Unknown Future: Insights from a New Bachelor Programme Linking Health Promotion and Sustainable Development
Macassa, G, Hiswals, A S, Ahmadi, N, & McGrath, C
Research in Health Science, 2017, 2(2), 70

Exploring dimensions of change: the case of MOOC conceptions
McGrath, C, Stenfors-Hayes, T, Roxå, T, & Bolander Laksov, K
International Journal for Academic Development, 21 February 2017, 1-13


Medical students’ feedback regarding their clinical learning environment in primary healthcare: a qualitative study
Salminen, H, Öhman, E, & Stenfors-Hayes, T
BMC Medical Education 13 December 2016, 16(1), 313



Increasing the quality and value of involving simulated patients in simulation-based education, research and practice
Gough, S, Greene, L, Natali, A, Mackinnon, R, Roberts, S, Hellaby, M, Nestel, D
Physiotherapy Nov 2016, 102, e225–e226


To belong or not to belong: nursing students’ interactions with clinical learning environments - an observational study
Liljedahl, M, Björck, E, Kalén, S, Ponzer, S, & Bolander Laksov, K
BMC Medical Education 05 August 2016, 16, 197

Introduction to Big Data in Education and Its Contribution to the Quality Improvement Processes
Vaitsis, C, Hervatis, V, & Zary, N
In S. V. Soto, J. M. Luna, & A. Cano (Eds.), Big Data on Real-World Applications 20 July 2016, (p. 113) InTechOpen

Using Competency-Based Digital Open Learning Activities to Facilitate and Promote Health Professions Education (OLAmeD): A Proposal
Vaitsis, C, Stathakarou, N, Barman, L, Zary, N, & McGrath, C
JMIR Research Protocols 07 July 2016, 5(3), e143

Kaizen practice in healthcare: a qualitative analysis of hospital employees’ suggestions for improvement
Mazzocato, P, Stenfors-Hayes, T, von Thiele Schwarz, U, Hasson, H, & Nystrom, M E
BMJ Open July 2016, 6(7), e012256

Simulation for Rural Communities. In Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation
Brown, L L, & MacKinnon, R
Pediatrics 16 June 2016, (pp. 299–313). Springer International Publishing

The “Handling” of power in the physician-patient encounter: perceptions from experienced physicians
Nimmon, L, & Stenfors-Hayes, T
BMC Medical Education 18 April 2016, 16(1), 114

Offline and computer-based eLearning interventions for medical students’ education
Hervatis, V, Kyaw, B M, Semwal, M, Dunleavy, G, Tudor Car, L, Zary, N, & Car, J
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 15 April 2016 (4)

Academic leadership: management of groups or leadership of teams? A multiple-case study on designing and implementing a team-based development programme for academic leadership
Söderhjelm, T, Björklund, C, Sandahl, C, & Bolander-Laksov, K
Studies in Higher Education 16 March 2016, 43(2), 201-216

How education policy is made meaningful – a narrative exploration of how teachers show autonomy in the development of teaching and learning
Barman, L, Josephsson, S, Silén, C, & Bolander-laksov, K
Higher Education Research & Development 17 February 2016, 4360, 1111–1124

The Ebb and Flow of Educational Change : Change Agents as Negotiators of Change
McGrath, C, Barman, L, Stenfors-Hayes, T, Roxå, T, Silén, C, & Bolander Laksov, K
Teaching & Learning Inquiry 2016, 4(2), 1–14

Feature Topic: Person-centered Methodologies in the Organizational Sciences
Morin, A J S, Gagné, M, & Bujacz, A
Organizational Research Methods 2016, 19(1), 8–9